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A hunters report...

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:40 am    Post subject: A hunters report... Reply with quote

I been hunting the same area for 45 years, the Barclay Mt. range in Bradford Country,Pa. You can walk for day`s and day`s and never see the same spot and walk to the next Country and never see a person. If it wasn`t for the first day of deer season, most animal wouldn`t know what a person looked like. I logged many miles over that time, summer,winter, spring and fall, hunting and video wild turkeys and other animals. I can tell each and every one of you........There is not one Cougar in Pa........There are many. I can now go back the last 10 years and can tell you that`s when they seen to show up. I tracked one across the top of Barclay Mt. until it went in heavy brush, and I knew I was being set up, I was going to be lunch....I left and never felt so uncomfortable in my whole life as I tried too watch my back and get back to my truck. I hunt turkeys in this area and often go to my spot in the dark, one cat cried out one morning,about less than 100 yards from me......What a cry, you have to hear one to understand why I went back to the truck until light of day. Then in those 10 years I almost hit one with my truck, but it cleared the road with one jump,about 100 to 125 lb. cat. Then in 2006 I was walking the fields on the bottom of Barclay Mt. and saw a coyote go across the top of the field,so I check the wind so I had it blowing in my face and try to move in closer because I only had my 22 pistol. I know that he was eating on the farmer steer, which I found 2 week before, It was killed by a animal, but I question what could have kill this very large animal. I was thinking it was a cougar kill, but I killed a coyote there the first time I was there so now here is a second coyote. I was about a 100 yards now from and the steer so I sat down in some down trees to see if the coyote would come out. he came out about 70 yards, to far for a shot with my pistol. He look left and right and as he looked to his right he jump and ran off to the left. he did not see or smell me for I had been there for 20 minutes now with the wind in my face. I looked slowly to my left, which would be the coyote right, and saw a head and neck going down out of sight. I know what I saw and it was large cougar. I laid down my pistol and picked up my video camera, never taking my eyes of the area of the cat. I knew the camera would make noise when I turned on the power and I would have to focus the lens. I watched him rise up where his whole body was looking right at me, I still don`t know if he knows I`m in his area but whey I turn on this camera, he will know,power on and both ears move and head snaps back, I raise the camera at a slow but steady speed and trying to adjust the camera as he turns and starts walking away and behind a large tree. I did get a short video and can see that it is a cougar. If I could have seen him a few minutes earlier, but I still wonder how long he was watching me. All this in 10 years, but I `m in the woods a lot , and not sitting behind a deck and telling people that they didn`t see a cougar, or it was a large house cat . Thank you, Dan
13years of dedication Studying "Cougars" taking sighting reports, Tracking & Filming the wild!
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