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These are recent photographs supporting our belief that cougars are in this area: Next

The following pictures are of a horse named Buddy. He was living in a small herd with 3 other horses that were all up to date on vaccines and very healthy.

The murder of this horse happened in the early fall of 2003 in Albany County.



The location of his body was less than 75 feet from the road and inside a pasture that was fenced properly with 5 strands of wire. The pasture was well kept and could be viewed from the windows of the farm. The horses had a great barn for shelter.

My point of telling you the location: I want everyone to understand this did not happen far off into the woods or where no one lives. This is a farm. A home.

Cougars had been seen in this area. Reports were made of the sightings. There was never an investigation of the reports.

This horse was found by his owner of 14 years. She owned him since he was a colt. I cannot imagine the heartbreak and the terror she felt. The other horses had claw marks on them and needed to be treated for shock.

DEC was contacted because it was obvious this was a wild animal attack. A biologist came to the scene, took digital pictures (that you are looking at), and 35mm pictures the DEC now says are lost. And a video. An officer was never sent nor did Ward Stone come to view this horse. Instead, Buddy was buried, because the owners felt this was the "right thing to do for him."

DEC concluded that Buddy died of an illness, natural causes, or attacked by coyotes, died and then was fed on by coyotes. We do not believe this to be true. Living in this area, we are all aware of the coyotes. We see them. They are not attacking our horses, and if they did try, there would be bites to the legs of the horses. Canines bite legs. There were no bites on the legs. In this herd of horses, if coyotes were chasing them with intent of killing them, you would have found some kicked and stomped coyotes. They were four very strong, healthy, moxie horses. There was evidence of a chase. There were 2 shoes missing from Buddy, from trying to run. The grounds were torn up from the panic they were in. And no, he did not run into the tree and break his neck. He did what any horse would do from instinct. He went to the trees to try to get the animal off his back or neck. This is where his life ended but not without a huge fight and struggle from him and his pasture mates.

Look at the bite marks on the neck, look at the surgical wounds. This is not the least bit typical of coyotes. If you are a woodsman you have seen what coyotes do with something such as a deer carcass. It's a rip and tear mess. We are not scientists, but there was evidence here. Although the owners were suffering great grief, they should have been advised by the experts not to bury Buddy until they were certain what "animal caused his death."

In the name of Buddy this is why I do this work.



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